Mike Valeriani has about 30 years experience in creating memorable images. He specialises in reportage photography and he aims to provide you with simple, true yet beautiful and romantic photographs that tell the story of the most important day of your life.

Mike has an informal and relaxed approach in creating your memories and he never forgets that it is your special day. Even though his style is best described as "reportage" or "documentary", Mike appreciates that many couples will still want some posed group photographs, for which he will happily arrange. It is Mike's aim to record your day in a way that reflects your own memories of the event.
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Before the wedding Mike will meet you and get to know you. He will try to understand the romantic side of you, your expectations, your tastes. By building trust and friendship, he believes that the photographer can literally become a "guest" at your wedding, and that he will be able to tell the story "from within". For one day he will see with your eyes, and he will identify all the moments, people, places and objects that will make your day so special. Mike will be present throughout the day (till the first dance), from the very preparations to the reception. He observes, gets a feel, and photographs in the most discreet way, so that neither yourself nor your guests will be effected by his presence. By using natural light, Mike will catch authenticity in all its natural beauty: tears in a mother's eye, the smile of a child, a piece of garment, married couples catching hands in the church, the music... every detail counts. He looks for and captures emotions and feelings to recreate on paper the intensity and beauty of every moment.
"All I want is for you to have beautiful pictures of your wedding, which will represent your only memories of your special day for a lifetime and for future generations. This cannot be obtained in a couple of hours. Furthermore, I cannot concentrate on creating a work of art if I have to worry about other commitments on the day and if I continuously have to look at my watch. For these reasons I only accept full coverage weddings. On your wedding day I will be totally yours, start to finish... well, almost. I need and want to dedicate myself completely to your special day and I totally refuse the concept of squeezing two weddings in a single day. I don't even carry my watch at weddings, because time is not important when faced with such a major event. If you are looking for a photographer to cover only a couple of hours or half a day, then I am sorry, but I am not the right person for you."

There are no hidden costs or extras. The price for a full day wedding starts at £ 1.495 (GBP) and this includes: full day coverage with Mike and an assistant photographer (till the first dance), unlimited number of pictures taken, digital editing and enhancement of every single image, 200 prints size 9" x 6" (15 x 23 cm), 20 enlargements size about A4 (21 x 29.7 cm) and digital copy of all images taken at your wedding for you to integrate in your life. See the prices page for more.
by Italian Artist Michael Valeriani. Exquisite attention to detail and a highly distinctive style inspired by Henry Cartier Bresson.
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